all you need is love! dododododoooo

In this post is a letter to a friend, a piece of a poem, fragments of a journal entry, a video and a bunch of thoughts that I think encompass something I’ve learned about art, myself, and my relationships in the past year:

allllllll you need is love!

¡ dodoododo0odoooo !


I wrote this to a wonderful friend who’s birthday it is today ( 10 . 15 ) (love you meelz!!!!!!!!) because life is HARD, but we have friends and music and happy things. Some of you may have seen the sun drawing that’s the cover image for this post because I made into a RedBubble sticker. Well guess what…I made it for THIS girl:

FullSizeRender-7 2

Actually, this post is dedicated to her too! :’) We both know all too well the blocks that come with creativity. For me, this past year has been a long road to realizing the free-spirited nature in which artistic expression comes forth. If you’re wondering why my art journey has only been a year, it hasn’t…but I guess this was the first year that I accepted that art was going to define my life and I was not cut out for politics

L O L .  

So anyway, one of the biggest things I’ve realized about art relates so much to Amelia because it’s what she’s all about. And that is this: art is an expression of the stories, relationships, and emotions of life itself, all of which bring us back to ~luvvvv~. It’s through friendship and life experiences that we learn who we are and how we express ourselves. In the end it’s all just story telling, so if we ain’t livin’ a life full of good people and good beer, then we ain’t gon have much to sing about now will we?

those are the lyrics to a country song I haven’t written yet

*side note: I’ve been very country lately and to that I only have one thing to say:

dear santa,

can i have a banjo?


Here’s a piece of a poem called Capital Letters that I wrote my senior year of high school when I had so much anxiety about grades and the future. This poem is about the pure moments, emotions, thoughts, and questions in life that are truly not encompassed in grades, which are just static measures of performance. These restrictive ideas of success do such a good job at hindering our creativity because they make us think there should be a peak or best form of our expression. We want our creative thoughts to be “perfect” or “impressive”, which leaves us as blank as the page in front of us. What I’ve learned is that creativity is all about just being present with your emotions and experiences and channeling them into something, even if it’s as simple as writing them down. People don’t just make new things out of the air, they are always inspired by something in or around them, which is often just the experience of life! 
Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 2.16.07 PM







Last semester I was reflecting on myself and who I had been in college and realized that I had really lost touch with my innermost free-spirited, playful self. Entering college I threw myself in several social spheres to have ~fun~, but while I was meeting tons of people on the weekends and stuff, I was craving those wholesome experiences of friendship with adventure and genuine laughter. I felt like I was always looking outside of myself for that fulfillment, as if I needed to find it rather than bring it to the table.

In the first half of the semester I spent a lot of time alone. I thought I could be my most creative, productive self if I hid away and did everything on my own. But of course that left me with an unfulfilling life, excessive self-reflection, and a forced and static artistic energy. It wasn’t until the middle of the semester that I realized that love is da key!! Having a fulfilling life, I have found, is based in the people that you surround yourself with! The wholesome, fun experiences and yes, the art, will come!

As an artist (as a *person), there is truly something inspiring to take from anyone and everyone. It is the people in your life that truly get your silly, pure, creative juices flowwwing!! Life and relationships should not be compromised for the sake of art, second-semester-sophomore-Elise. Art is an expression of life!

It is through friendship and community that we learn to love and express ourselves, so it is through love and support that art emerges. The self I truly love is the self I am when I’m just chillin with ma gaw dam buddies, havin a good ole time! That energy gives me life and that life strengthens my creative energy!! Here’s a passage from a journal entry on two days before 4 . 20 . 17 about the girl I lost touch with for a while.

Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 4.19.24 PM

I love “summer camp girl”! She’s so carefree man hahah. That’s the artist I want to be! Aka, I wanna be myself! More importantly, I wanna my happy self, making art and music and memories 🙂 🙂 🙂 

This is another piece of that journal entry I just really like because it embodies what I learned about love and open-mindedness and adventure:

Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 4.19.36 PM

hehe. Like I said, you can find inspiration from anyone and everyone. You never know who’s gonna change your life so you can never really be too set and stone in yourself and your values. If you just trust the good ole intuitions of   l o v e  you’ll always be learnin and growin. Just go for the ride!!!


Soooooooooooogoooobearsoooooooo, to wrap it,

1. Creativity is strengthened by fruitful relationships  (good memories mean good feelings and good stories to tell which mean good song lyrics, poems, story ideas, scenes to draw, yolo). Art is life man, just have a guud time. shaka bro.

2.  Art is not for a grade. It is not for the response of the audience. It is hardly for money (but I’m starving so I’ll get back to you on that). It is an expression of the stuff of life itself! Rather than try and make something new, think about what you already know (memories bebé, I know u have em).

3. A young group of bugs once saidALL YOU NEED IS LOVE!!!!! DO DODODDODOODODO 

4.  Happiiiiii birthday Amelia Armstrong!! you are one of the most beautiful summer camp souls I know and I am confident that everyone agrees! keep on lovin and singin’ and movin’ to the groovin’.

5.  ¡olé!

Here’s a video of sum guud life livin! of my friend Alex from Canada but really France dancing in the funkiest crowd in Berkeley that I’ve ever seen. This little art festival on Telegraph gave me so much life. I think we got a really good thing goin here Berkeley. Or should I say, we got a good thing growin 🙂



all you need is love! 

                                             l o v e ! 

   L O V E !    

                            love is all you neeeeeeed!


luv n peace,



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